Thankful Thursday

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I’ve seen a couple people share a “Thankful Thursday” post and I thought it would be great to share some thankfulness on my blog. So…here we have Thankful Thursday #1! I’ve been in Mental Health First Aid facilitator training all week. We have a FULL course load, busy most of each day, just a couple breaks and lunch. We are highly discouraged from using tech devices(except to take notes-paper is preferred) and as such, this is my first time having my computer out this week! Not normal for me.

While I miss being in the office, I enjoy trainings and I am passionate about doing my part to reduce stigma related to mental illness. I am thrilled to be there this week although I do miss my comfy office chair. Part of the training requires instructor candadites to present a portion of the 8 hour MHFA curriculum. Presenting is typically not an “issue” for me, but being the first time presenting material that you learned one day prior can be nerve wreccking! I’m so pleased to have completed that part of the course (with great feedback from my instructor and classmates) and I am even more thankful for the upcoming opportunities I will have to share Mental Health First Aid with my community. If you would like more information about the Mental Health First Aid course click here. If you would like to schedule a course at your place of employment, church, community group or business contact me soon.

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