The Undercover Holiday

Ok, it is not really a holiday, but boy am I a fan of the end of daylight savings. I’ll call it the undercover holiday. There is much debate on whether or not you get any extra sleep, or time or anything really, but at the very least I consider it a chance to begin again. It can be a bright spot when we are facing the season of “the dreaded dark at 7pm”.

Often in session I talk with ladies about how time management and routine can be a friend to us moms. Some of you excel in this area, congratulations to my “planner moms”. Others need some guidance and encouragement in this area. How can I find quiet time? Time to journal? Time to exercise? Time to plan a menu? Time to…fill in the blank.

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Take advantage of “fall back”, use that time that your body is accustomed to being awake to get some of that done. (Or get some sleep). But be careful to adjust your evenings so that you are not losing sleep. Better yet, start TODAY by gradually setting your alarm to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier each day until Fall Back Sunday while going to bed 10-15 minutes earlier as well.

What will be most helpful for you as you adjust to this new season? Spring is associated with growth and renewal, but Fall is an equally opportune time to take steps to incorporate positive changes. If you are a “planner mom” feel free to share your time management and other helpful tips with readers.

Happy Fall Back Yall’


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