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If you have been waiting to participate in an “In the Wildflowers” group now is the time to register. We will be starting another group soon.

Take a look at these disturbing statistics related to Childhood Sexual Abuse. Click here.

Many women experience childhood sexual abuse. The resulting pain can affect all aspects of life for those who have experienced it. Victims may suffer continually from shame, anger, and confusion, as well as emotional, and often physical, pain. Sadly, they often suffer in silence, afraid to admit what happened and fail to reach out for the help they need.

If you’ve experienced sexual abuse, In the Wildflowers is an opportunity to find out that you are not alone. You can find the hope, healing, and support you need to find true transformation and wholeness. The group offers understanding and hope to help you confront the pain and fear from childhood sexual abuse.

In the Wildflowers- Christian Recovery Treatment Group For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

  • Wednesday Evenings Starting March 1, 2015
    6:30pm – 7:45pm – Facilitator: Enjonae Anderson, Licensed Professional Counselor
    If interested contact Mended Hearts Counseling at (336) 609-7383 or to schedule an intake appointment and/or for more information.
  • Location: Life on Lexington Church, 620 East Lexington Ave. High Point NC

In the Wildflowers will take you through 10 specific steps to healing and transformation.

  1. Listen to your story
  2. Allow you to feel the emotions in a safe place
  3. Release the shame of what happened to you
  4. Rewrite the messages you’ve believed about yourself
  5. Dig deeper and experience the real emotions
  6. Heal parental relationships
  7. Accept responsibility to make better decisions for your healing
  8. Forgive those who hurt you and forgive yourself
  9. Discover your identity and freedom
  10. Rest and enjoy the healing Jesus offers

Fees: The weekly session fee of $35 will be waived for this series( evening class starting March 4, 2015), however there is a $35 materials fee.

In order to register, all participants are required to have an intake interview appointment as well as be involved in individual counseling. To register for the group, contact Mended Hearts Counseling at 336-609-7383.



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