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Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

The period of pregnancy up to one year after delivery is described as the perinatal period. Many physical and emotional changes occur before and after giving birth. Most women experience mixed and sometimes contradictory feelings, which gradually diminish as they settle into the new routines of motherhood. This is referred to as the baby blues.

pmd-imgSome women, however, experience sadness, anxiety, depression, frustration and other disturbing emotions. When these symptoms persist and a mood disorder develops, professional help is often necessary. Mood disorders such as prenatal/postpartum depression, anxiety, panic disorders, OCD, PTSD and postpartum psychosis cause distress and adversely affect daily functioning and personal relationships. If left untreated, they can have long-term, adverse effects on the mother, the infant, as well as the family. Fortunately, help is available. Perinatal mood disorders are treatable, you don’t have to suffer, and you don’t have to do it alone.

MHCRS can help you successfully deal with the adjustments related to motherhood. Whether you are trying to conceive, struggling with your pregnancy or suffering from perinatal mood disorders, talking with a professional that is trained to treat perinatal mood disorders will help you develop healthy coping skills and improve the quality of your life and that of your baby. If you are experiencing relationship difficulties or are feeling unsupported at home, couples counseling can also be beneficial.

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