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HELP (Heal Emotionally-Live Peacefully)
Are you hurting emotionally? Do you know someone that is hurting emotionally that you want to minister to? If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then this class is for you! Counseling principles will be combined with spiritual truths to minister healing to the hurting. Topics to be covered include: “Why People Are Hurting”, “Think Right”, “Survival Roles Developed in Dysfunctional Families”, “Codependency & Addiction”, “Fear of Failure”, “Rejection”, “Guilt & Shame”, and “Boundaries”. This class will help the hurting heal, but it is also appropriate for anyone wanting to live a more victorious and abundant life in Christ Jesus. This material was developed by Dr. Cathy Norton of Abundant Life Counseling Center, PLLC.

Interested in this class? Email enjonae@mhcrs.com or call 336-609-7383 to register or for more information.