Are You Tired Mom?

It’s time for the Heartfelt Moment of the week. I don’t know if this resonated with me so much because this mommy is sleepy or just because it is a precious video, but it did. Last week my little one came home feeling yucky. Long story short, we had a week of very little sleep, lots of missed school, and a very sad girl who is not used to being sick. She is way to busy for laying around.

I’m thankful that even during the stressful times I was able to find small things to be appreciative of…extra time with my girl that would normally be at school, extra cuddles, cooking a comforting soup, a patient pediatrician.

This week’s Heartfelt Moment does not need a lot of explanation. It will make you feel proud to be a mommy, even in your moments of exhaustion. Be encouraged mommy, God made someone special when He created YOU.

Wishing You Heartfelt Moments,

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