Time Out During the Holidays

Happy Friday! We only have one more Holiday Heartfelt Moment after today. Check in with us next week for our final one in the series. We will be visiting the difficult topic of grief during the holidays. If you or someone you love are struggling with grief, you don’t want to miss the Heartfelt Moment for 12/26/2014.

If you have not yet heard of my Real Motherhood Series be sure to take a look at our Facebook page, I shared the first one earlier this week. If you have a funny, meaningful, encouraging or helpful picture or short story, and you would like to be featured on my Real Motherhood Series please contact me via phone or email. I’d love to share your experiences with my readers.

Here is the Holiday Heartfelt Moment for this week.


Today’s tip is to take a “time out”. I want to encourage a more positive association with that term. Not only do our little ones sometimes need some time to settle down, we do too! I recently had a conversation with someone about what she does to recharge her emotional battery. She was feeling extremely worn down between working, family and household responsibilities, weekly extracurricular activities and now the added task of preparing for the holidays. If you find that you are getting no down time, especially during this busy season it is important to carve out space for your “time out”. Sometimes this can seem impossible. As women, friends, wives, sisters, and mothers we often feel like we need to use every moment to get things done. Some ladies even struggle with feelings of guilt when I encourage them to take some time to themselves. Please don’t neglect the important area of self-care. Take your time out so that you can be recharged to be the best woman, friend, sister, or mother that you can be. Feel free to share your favorite way to take a time out.

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