Kindness and Gratitude

Portrait Of Mother And Daughter In Park

The “Heartfelt Moments” for this month will be focused on kindness and gratitude. I took my three year old out to breakfast the other morning while I was waiting for a car repair to get completed. As we were walking, I thought about how special the mommy-son time I get with him is. With my older one in kindergarten my little guy and I hang out a lot. I also thought about how I missed my sweet five year old during the day.

To make sure I was being intentional about getting that quality time with both of them I took my older one to a local restaurant after school, just her and I, so she could have a treat. (One huge cookie to be exact). When I went to pay for the cookie the cashier refused to let me pay. I told my little one that she had been treated to the cookie and she was so thankful and polite that the customer in line behind her noticed.

The customer thanked her for being so polite and asked me if he could buy her another (huge) cookie for later so that she would know someone noticed her good behavior. (I am a very protective mommy but since he asked mom first, I saw no harm. I did however use that opportunity to teach her never to accept gifts or food or anything from a stranger apart from mom). He shared that God had extended grace to him and he liked to show God’s love to others and a cookie was a small way he could do that. (I think that is awesome!)

He got one for her, and one for little brother. We sat down, she enjoyed her cookie, and she even shared it with me. ¬†She was so excited to give little brother his when we went to pick him up. This was definitely a “Heartfelt Moment” for me. Not only did I get special time with my girl, but she was well behaved, and we received an act of kindness from more than one person. All in one day! This was a sweet experience and I will use it to explain to her how we can pass along kindness too. There are so many things we can do. Please feel free to share a story of a time you received an unexpected act of kindness.

Wishing You Heartfelt Moments,


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