Scrubbing the Carpet and “Eye of the Tiger”

I’m so excited to share this with you. “Heartfelt Moments”  is an opportunity for you to hear from my heart.  It may be an answer to a frequently asked question, it may be something I found hilarious, it may be something more serious that will encourage thought and self reflection.

I want to create an environment that I can share a little bit of myself with you, and I want to encourage thought and communication. I’m looking forward to it. Please feel free to share your “Heartfelt Moments” as well.

This week’s moment is “Finding Joy in the Mundane”.

What do you think of when you hear the clip below?


Thanks to my sister, that clip makes me think of scrubbing floors. Yes, you read that correctly, scrubbing floors. I discovered that one or more of my little ones had dripped something gross and stubborn onto my carpet. The spots on the carpet were tiny. However, tiny spots dried onto the carpet( likely because sneaky measures had been taken to have a prohibited item on the carpet) equal a not so tiny area to clean. So, my sister and I scrubbed the carpet. We scrubbed a lot. I was disappointed after it dried, I vacuumed, and there were still spots. The second time around my sister put on “Eye of the Tiger”.  I noticed a couple things about scrubbing a carpet and “Eye of the Tiger”

  • Initially, I felt quite silly in my workout clothes scrubbing the floor.
  • I was getting a little irritated that my sister thought it was so funny. I had not reached a point of laughter…yet.
  • You can break a sweat if you scrub hard enough.(Good thing I was already dressed appropriately)
  • You can get tired quickly scrubbing the carpet and laughing at how silly it is.
  • The music above WILL give you random burst of energy when you grow weary. (I’m serious!)
  • You might want to dance a little.
  • That was the most fun I’ve had cleaning carpets.

To be a little more serious. In my sessions, I often open up a therapy session spending some time allowing the client to identify something good about their day. Sometimes it is easily identified. Other times it is more of a struggle. In my example not only did my carpet get cleaned, I also created some “unique” memories with a loved one, and a bit of a workout too!

Look for opportunities to identify heartfelt moments. You may be surprised at how often you come across them, even in the most unexpected ways.

Wishing you Heartfelt Moments (and clean carpets)

Young woman with vacuum cleaner on white

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