Twisted Straws & Picnic Lunches



I knew when I saw this photo that I wanted to use it for a Heartfelt Moment. It was posted with the captionĀ “I wish I could wrap him up in my arms again like when he was small and the little things made him smile”. As I was scrolling through several things on a page, this image stopped me. Initially, what I noticed was the way the little boy looked at his mother. When I looked closely I saw what they doing. How sweet! This is not a personal memory but I do know the sweet mother pictured here. If it evoked such emotion in me, I can imagine it is pretty special to her. She shared with me her memories from that special day so many years ago.

One of my favorite picture memories is a “selfie” that my daughter and I took one day that I picked her up from school for lunch. I brought a picnic lunch and we sat by the lake and enjoyed it(as much as possible with a full of energy little girl). It is not a fancy picture, and may not mean much to anyone else. When I look at it, I am brought back to that day eating lunch by the lake with my girl.

Often, we focus on the big things in life. The major decisions, our list of things to do, the honey-dos”, our work, and the things that need immediate attention. Seeing this picture reminded me that it is often the simple things in life that we remember. I would venture to say that these simple things are just as important as the major things. Are you taking time to stop for the simple things? If not, you can start today.

Feel free to share some of your “simple things”, it may encourage someone else.

Wishing You Heartfelt Moments



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